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Калибратор форсунок Cummins PT HA290


Speed of Operation

The metering cylinder of the Injector Calibrator HA290 permits injector output to be measured accurately over as few as 50 ‘shots’. The layout of the HA290 is arranged to reduce injector testing time. Features such as simple cam changing, easy access to burnish the injector orifice, automatic injector clamping and sealing together with easily fitted adaptors means that the productivity of the HA290 is unequalled.

The Injector Calibrator HA290 is fitted with a synchronous drive motor capable of maintaining 1050 rpm within plus or minus 1 rpm. Test oil temperature is maintained to within plus or minus 1° Fahrenheit, injector clamping pressure is controlled at 74 or 12 psi., within a tolerance of 1 psi., test oil pressure is automatically controlled at 100 psi., with a tolerance of 0.25 psi.Versatility
The HA290 has the capability to accept any type of Cummins PT injector, changes of cams, adaptors and stem extensions to handle different injectors is a simple and speedy operation. The easily changed cam is mounted vertically, and a transparent cambox lid enables rapid identification of the type of cam fitted. Two purpose built tool boxes are conveniently positioned and are provided with clips and brackets to stow tools, adaptors and stem extensions. The left hand box contains the cams, box spanner and ‘T’ bar, the right hand box contains the injector adaptors and stem extensions.


Test oil and filters are easily changed, and an audit kit HB164 is available to enable operators to verify and maintain the accuracy of the Injector Calibrator HA290.

Main Features

  • Automatic injector clamping
  • Easily fitted adaptors and stem extensions (links)
  • Positive displacement metering


  • Eliminates master injectors
  • Very rapid and accurate testing of Cummins PT Injectors
  • Correlates to factory standards
  • Rapid cam changing
  • Rapid interpretation of results
  • Approved by Cummins
Injectors which can be calibrated
  • 5/16″ PT flanged (J&C engines)
  • 3/8″ PT flanged (H and NH engines)
  • PTB
  • PTC
  • 5/16″ PTD
  • 3/8″ PTD and Top Stop PTD
  • K-PTD
Camshaft Drive
  • 1.5 hp synchronous motor, totally enclosed fan cooled, direct on line starting with overload protection. Running speed 1800 rpm at 60 Hz or 1500rpm at 50Hz.
  • The drive is by means of a timing belt and toothed pulleys on the motor and camshaft.
  • The ratio of the pulleys is such that the camshaft has a running speed of 1050rpm.
Test Oil and Service
Hydraulic SystemTankFilter
  • Thermistor, sludge compartment with magnetic filter bar, sight glass, drain point.
  • Totally submerged pleated paper filter having 15 micron absolute filtration.


Injector Location
& Adaptors
Cylindrical Injectors
Flanged Injectors
(N-NH, J & C)
  • Ring adaptors and links are provided for all types of cylindrical injectors.
  • Two piece ring adaptors are supplied for 5/16″ and 3/8″ flanged injectors. The ring which engages the clamp plate is common on both sizes. A link is supplied which is used with both sizes of flanged injector. A drain pipe assembly is supplied which fits both sizes of injector and is used to direct the drain flow into the test stand top tray.


Metering System



Positive piston displacement metering system with dial indicator display of injector output. Injector output is measured over 50 whole injections.
500cc/1000 shots: (1cc/1000 shots – 1mm3/stroke)
±0.1cc/1000 shots


Test Oil Temperature


Hours Counter
Injector Output

Digital Display




Red – Too cold or too hot

Green104° ± 1°F

Fuel Pump Motor Running Hours

0.500cc (mm3/stroke)

0.1cc Divisions

Deadweight Pressure
Control Valves
Three valves to generate pressures of 100, 74 and 12 psi are used as follows:
Injector fuel supply
PT Injector clamping force
Not normally used
Injector Sealing and
The injector is held horizontally in the test stand. A dual piston clamp head assembly provided independent sealing and clamping loads on the injector body and plunger respectively.

Additional Accessories

Kit P/Nbr Description Use
0.248° Cam/Accessory Kit
0.272° Cam/Accessory Kit
0.426° Cam/Accessory Kit
Audit Kit
N14/L10/M11 (Celect)*

*See HA290.03 below.


The Injector Calibrator HA290.02 is supplied complete with kits HF723, HF725, HF726, HF729 and HS093.
The Injector Calibrator HA290.03 is supplied complete with kits HF723, HF725, HF726, HF729, HS093, YDB438 and HK860 (works fitted).

Kit P/Nbr Description Use
0.169 Cam & 0.230 Cams
Accessory Kit
Accessory Kit
Accessory Kit
Two Year Spares Kit
3/8″ top stop PTD Injectors
5/6″ & 3/8″ PTB, PTC, PTD & 3/8″ top stop TDP Iinjectors
K & PTD Injectors
H. NH, J & C Injectors
HA290 Calibrator

Cooling Water Supply
Minimum Inlet Pressure 2.8kg/cm2 (40 lbf/in2)
Maximum Inlet Temperature 27°FC (80°F)

Electrical Supply
3 Phase 208-250V 50/60Hz (26 amps max)
3 Phase 380-480V 50/60Hz (12 amps max)


Gross Weight:  456 kgs
Net Weight:  376 kgs
Case Size:  126 x 93 x 166 cms
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