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AVM Majestic


The AVM Majestic Test Stand has been developed as a premium but affordable solution for testing Rotary and small In-Line pumps offering outstanding functionality.


Main Features

  • 10hp high torque motor.
  • 8 cylinder advanced video metering.
  • 1 kgm2 flywheel.
  • Ability to pipe up fuel pumps in any order.
  • TFT display of pump output data.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Compact size and proven user friendly design.
  • Rapid update of test results.
  • Reduces pump test time by up to 50% in comparison with other branded test stands.

Screen Display

Metering Screen
Figure 1 AVM Majestic, metering screen display.



Calibration System

  Flat Panel TFT Monitor 8 cylinder Advanced Video Metering via TFT display with a capacity of 500mm3/stroke.
  Measuring Modes Three measuring modes, calibrate, overcheck and average.
  Shot Count Push button pre-selection in units of 100, 200, 250, 300 or 500 mm3/stroke.
  Backleakage Flowmeter display on LCD screen 15-1200cm3/min.


  Fuel Supply Pressure 0 to 4 bar (60lb/in2)
  Auxiliary 1 7 bar (100lb/in2).
  Auxiliary 2 11 bar (160lb/in2)
  Pressure Phasing 80 bar (1200 lb/in2).
  Test Oil Temp Digital Display on LCD Screen
  Advance Range +/- 10mm resolution 0.1mm. Units selectable mm, DPA°, DPC°, DP200°, Stanadyne°, Bosch°
  Boost Pressure Range 0 bar to 3 bar. Units selectable bar, MPa, psi, mmHg, mbar, hPa, kPa.

Injector Mount

Quick release injector mount to accommodate ISO4010, and orifice plate test injectors as well as other common
types used in the workshop.


Pressure phasing supplied as standard; the phasing angle is shown on the TFT display.  


Two D.C. supply outlets of 0-25volts at 3 amps which can be parallel connected to give 6 amps.
Hours counter displayed via TFT screen. RS232 interface allowing interface to a Printer / PC.

Installation Requirements

  Electrical Supply 380-480V 50/60Hz 3 Phase (33A maximum) 208 –250V 50/60HZ 3Phase (66A maximum)
  Compressed Air 5 to 7 bar (75 to 100 lb/in2).
  Water 8 l/min (0.75 gal/min) at 1-5 bar pressure at 20°C max temperature.

Additional Accessories

  • AI29 Test Injector ISO4010
  • AI33 Orifice Plate Injector 0.4mm
  • AI43 Orifice Plate Injector 0.5mm
  • AI44 Orifice Plate Injector 0.6mm
  • AI45 Orifice Plate Injector 0.7mm
  • AI46 Orifice Plate Injector 0.8mm
  • HB373W Dynamic Timing



Included in the above:

  • HB282 Digital Advance
  • HB283 Digital Boost
  • HF126 Rotary Pump Test Kit


Gross weight:  1150 kgs
Net weight:  950 kgs
Case size:  191 x 114 x 209 cms

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