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Анализатор топлива FQM 20


The FQM is a portable, rugged fuel quality meter for the automotive market. Diesel fuel injection can become contaminated from poor filtration or sub-standard fuel supply, Contaminants such as dust, rust and wear metalscan cause damage such as scoring of plungers, wearing of blades and cam rings, erosion of metering edges and injector nozzles. The FQM-20 measures fuel quality quickly and easily, thus providing valuable business opportunities for workshops.

Main Features

  • High resilience, heavy duty construction with shoulder strap for portability
  • Self-powered or power input available
  • Feed and return hose for access to fuel tanks (up to 3m)
  • Hand-held, easy to use control panel on flexi-cable
  • Accurate results achieved with a two minute test cycle
  • Results can be saved to PC for reporting / comparison
  • Self-feeding internal supply pump allows for tank sampling
  • Alarm for out of specification fuel


  • Designed to easily test fuels for cleanliness in line with ISO4406 or other standards (ie NAS)
  • Allows workshop to advise customers of fuel quality issues
  • Operated as a discrete, highly portable unit delivering accurate results quickly and easily
  • Far quicker test results than traditional laboratory tests
  • Can be used to test diesel vehicle fuel tanks, bulk storage or diesel test equipment

Additional Accessories

  • Secondary calibration Fluid
  • Travel Case
  • Additional Rechargeable Battery

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