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EUI Poptest HH705


The HH705 EUI Poptest provides a means for service workshops and garages to carry out functionality testing of new, repaired and remanufactured EUI’s, checking for leaks, spray pattern, spring rate, solenoid operation and nozzle opening pressure (NOP) in addition to all testing offered by the Testmaster 3. The HH701 Testmaster 3 can be upgraded to HH705 by returning the testmaster to the point of origin to have an HK862 fitted. For more information contact your distributor.

To see a video of the EUI Poptest in action, click here


HH705 – EUI Poptest

Main Features

  • Operates in conjunction with the HH701
  • Software driven by the HH701
  • Powered operation of injector plunger
  • Mechanical fixturing
  • Quick release type fueling connectors
  • EUI controller
  • Allows assessment of spray pattern, spring rate, solenoid operation and NOP
  • Includes replacement pneumatics panel and new software for the HH701



  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to fit and remove EUI’s for testing
  • Quick to determine new, repaired and remanufactured injectors condition
  • Tests major OEM single solenoid operated EUI’s

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