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The AVM2-PC Test Stand is an advanced personal computer based diesel fuel pump test stand that is designed to save you time. In fact, it can save you as much as 50% of the time it takes to use another test bench.


Main Features

  • Flexible with Hartridge accessories – can test in-line, Rotary, Common Rail pumps and EUI, EUP and Common Rail Injectors
  • PC with Windows™ operating system
  • Pressure phasing to 80 bar
  • Anti-Backlash Coupling
  • Two variable DC supplies (0-24V @ 3 amp)
  • Cooled metering unit
  • Back leakage temperature measurement at pump outlet
  • Auxiliary socket for external calibrator control and point of injection sensors
  • Analogue speed trim for fine control of governors
  • Digital pressure displays
  • Drive “nudge” control
  • Auto Step test plan editor and execution
  • Compact dimensions compared with other machines
  • 12 or 8 cylinder advanced video metering
  • 20 hp (15 kW) DC high torque motor
  • 1.8kgm2 (43Ibft2) flywheel
  • Display of pump output and test stand operating data via 15” TFT
  • Digital Dynamic phasing (optional)
  • Digital Dynamic timing (optional)
  • Digital Advance (optional)
  • Digital Boost (optional)
  • Digital Rack (optional)

The secret of the AVM2-PC is in its ease of use. Although it is a sophisticated piece of equipment, it allows the operator to use the test stand quickly, so you can potentially test more diesel pumps using the AVM2-PC than you could using another test stand system. Combined with the ability to test “All Makes” of fuel injection equipment, the AVM2-PC becomes the obvious choice.

The powerful computer at the heart of the stand has the well known, user friendly Windows™ operating system already installed. The AVM2-PC control software, Magmah, has been written with speed and ease of operation in mind. In addition it is possible to select semi automatic operation from an Auto Step test plan for a further saving of time.

User Friendly and Adaptable Design

Ease of use was a prime consideration in the design of the AVM2-PC range. This results in an adaptable and user-friendly test stand, with the facility to handle virtually all automotive type in-line, rotary and common rail pumps up to 12 cylinders, as well as EUI, EUP and Common Rail injectors with minimum stress and strain on the operator.

Advanced Video Metering

With the introduction of the PC based AVM2-PC, a development of the successful AVM test bench, Hartridge is able to offer the diesel specialist the technology needed for the future. This stylish machine, incorporating uprated drive motors for improved torque at low rpm and improved test oil cooling capacity, complies with ISO4008, EEC & UL/CSA standards. It benefits from in excess of 20 years video metering experience in applications ranging from field service, research and development, to production.

With the ability to match the unrivalled speed of Hartridge™ video metering, the AVM2-PC system has the capacity to handle pumps up to 12 cylinders. With its intelligent firing order learning, the AVM2-PC allows pumps to be connected to the test injectors in the most convenient way. Injector changeover is now as quick as any non-sealed system, using an innovative “plug-in” design; while the injector mount has vertical and 180° adjustment.

In addition to presenting full information on pump or injector output, the 15” TFT also has the facility to show test data simultaneously. The test stand is controlled using a standard keyboard and an optional printer is available to provide a colour hard copy record of pump or injector performance. This can be performed at any time during a test, for example results can be gathered before and after adjustments.

These and many other outstanding features, such as DC drive and a standard PC architecture (allowing connection to networks or a modem and future upgrades) make the AVM2-PC the ultimate test stand for future diesel fuel pump testing.

Power and Inertia

The high torque direct drive DC motor fitted to the AVM2-PC completely eliminates a transmission system leading to greatly reduced cost and complexity of servicing. It also ensures that the full output torque of the drive motor is available at the drive coupling from 30 rpm. The 20hp (15kW) motor drives through a large 1.8kgm2 (43Ibft2) flywheel which is directly coupled to an integral anti-backlash flex coupling. For safety, both the flywheel and the coupling are enclosed. The drive system automatically compensates for load variations, to provide a constant, pre-selectable test speed within a range of 30 to 4000 rpm. In addition, the rate of acceleration and deceleration (ramp rate) can be set by the operator.

Safety and Ergonomics

Safety has, of course, been of prime consideration when designing the AVM2-PC. The flywheel is fully enclosed and the electrical components are fully guarded within the electrical cabinet. The emergency stop switches are accessible from both sides of the machine and operate through a failsafe relay.

The control of drive starting is through an independent switch, so in the unlikely event of a PC malfunction, it cannot start unexpectedly. In addition, the drive cannot operate at less than 30 rpm for visible safety. The AVM2-PC complies with the European CE marking Directive and conforms to EMC standards. Hand in hand with safety, operator comfort has been designed into AVM2-PC for ease of use. The control console is pivoted to permit operation from either side of the test stand at all times. The keyboard height and angle is set to minimise strain and access to the floppy and CDROM drives is from the front of the machine. The use of a PC within the test bench offers the user the ability to utilise standard software to supplement the AVM2-PC operation. For example the testing results could be stored into a database for traceability. In addition, the PC could be connected to your office network for interaction with other systems.

Pump and Injector Mounting

A system using special adaptors, permits test injector change over as quickly as any non-sealed system – with a simple, plug in action. So that the test injector mount can be repositioned without disturbing the pump mounting brackets, the articulated support arm is pivoted beneath the front of the table. The bed is long enough to accommodate all automotive pumps up to 12 cylinders enabling users to set a comfortable working height.


All AVM2-PC test benches incorporate features designed to provide ease of operation. These include vertical adjustment of the test injector mount allowing the use of the shortest high pressure lines now being specified. All connections and associated valves are grouped together on the bulkhead, leaving a large unobstructed self-draining work area at the front of the table for tools and fittings.

The control of noise and vibration from the pump was also a major design consideration. This has been achieved by supporting the complete motor, pump mounting bed plate and injector arm assembly on rubber isolation mounts. In addition, careful design of the injector mounting has been made to reduce noise.


All test oil supply and lube system components are located on the left hand side of the test stand, with all electrical/electronic services on the right hand side. Full access is gained by removing two easily detachable panels from each side. Test and lube oil gravity drains are provided, together with easy access to tanks for refilling and filter changing. All electronic circuits use very reliable solid-state technology. However, should component failure occur, LED lights and error messages will indicate which board is malfunctioning and replacement is a simple plug-in operation.

Operation Using the Computer

The AVM2-PC is operated using the onboard computer, keyboard and 15” TFT together with the pressure control valves and digital pressure gauges. The computer and keyboard allow the operator to either enter data e.g. speed, or to observe test results, such as pump output, on the metering display. Other displays available include pump advance and phasing angles, and test stand self diagnostic information. Operating data such as test plans can also be entered, stored and executed. This brings the ultimate in flexibility of use to the operator.

The AVM2-PC uses a powerful standard office PC running Microsoft™ operating system. This provides a user friendly environment with the familiar Windows user interface in which the AVM2-PC control application works. Limits can be set on other machine parameters, and the colour change also applies, giving instant recognition of an out of limits value. All functions are menu controlled, accessed by either the function keys or the mouse.

The main menu is displayed when first switching on the machine. The user can then set up the basic fuel pump parameters. The optional dynamic phasing display can be used to show all pump phasing angles simultaneously for rapid adjustment. The heart of the machine operation is the metering screen which presents all the information to the operator which is required at anyone time. The metering display changes automatically for Common Rail and EUI testing to ensure that test data displayed is relevant to the application.

A key feature is the on-screen “analogue” pressure gauges. The traditional gauge representation allows trends and relative measurements to be viewed, whilst the numerical value is also displayed for accurate setting. A limits band can be displayed on the gauges and an out of limits value is signaled by a change of the needle from yellow to red. Should a fault occur with the test stand it can be detected using self diagnostic routines displayed on the computer monitor. This will indicate for example motor over temperature, air supply failure, the need for filter change, stalled motor and low tank.

Screen Display

Figure 1 AVM2-PC setup screen display Figure 2 AVM2-PC metering screen display
Figure 3 AVM2-PC phasing screen display Figure 4 AVM2-PC diagnostics screen display

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