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"Чистый шкаф" HM1000


High Pressure Common Rail and EUI/EUP Fuel Systems are manufactured to tolerances which dictate that the highest standards of cleanliness must be maintained in diesel workshops.

The Microdiesel Cabinet HM1000 is a clean air cabinet designed specifically for the assembly of diesel fuel injection equipment and enables diesel workshops to set up and maintain a clean area to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness.


Main Features

  • The HEPA filter used in HM1000 is capable of particle filtration down to 0.5 micron.
  • Equipped with high intensity lighting of the work area.


  • Equivalent to ISO-6 as specified for the manufacture of precision optics and gyroscopes.
  • Designed to be installed on a standard workbench.
  • Low running costs.


Technical Specification  
Lighting 4 off 55W low energy strip lights
Electrical Supply 220/240 volt, 1 phase, 50Hz
Filtration HEPA filter capable of 0.5 micron filtration equivalent to ISO-6
Dimensions (internal) 1165 x 735 x 620mm
Dimensions (external) 1275 x 1370 x 784mm

Installation Recommendations

It is recommended that the Microdiesel Cabinet HM1000 should be installed in an assembly area where the atmosphere is contained, this will prolong filter life. Air ventilation into the assembly area/room should be filtered to a minimum of grade F5 to EN779. The Microdiesel Cabinet HM1000 is designed to be mounted on a work bench of the following minimum size: Height 900mm, width 787mm, length 1275mm made from 40mm square tube.

Additional Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet (Suffix SS complete with D, H and T).
  • Support Bench (HM1012).
  • Air flow meter to assess air flow and filter condition.


HM1000M-DHT: - Microdiesel Cabinet – 120V with Door, Hydraclamp and Tool rack
HM1000L-DHT : Microdiesel Cabinet 230V w ith Door, Hydraclamp and Tool rack
HM1000SS: Stainless Steel


Gross Weight:  244 kgs
Net Weight:  176 kgs
Case Size:  140 x 90 x 160 cms

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